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My Historical Collection has Pens which are created with certified historical materials.

For example, one Historical Pen contains a sliver of wood from Ford's Theatre where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
Another has a piece of coal, a piece of wood, and a sample of rust from the RMS Titanic.

For this RMS Titanic pen, all three pieces of historical significance are imbedded in acrylic and made into a beautiful pen.
For sports fans, I have created Historical Pens with pieces of wood from the seats at Yankee Stadium and from the seats at Fenway Park.
This Space Shuttle Atlantis blank contain pieces of the Nose Gear and Tire Thermal Control System Blanket.
In this Pearl Harbor pen, the pen cap has the image of a Japanese Zero plane and has metal recovered from a Zero plane embedded in it.

The pen barrel is an image of the USS Arizona with a small piece of wood salvaged from the USS Arizona.
All Historical Collection Pens come with a Certificate of Authenticity.