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My Heirloom Pens are made from materials that are significant to you.

One of my customers was a gentleman who spent more than 40 years working on the home where the "Highlights For Children" magazine was created. He removed some maple flooring from the kitchen, and I used this wood to create three desk sets for him. Each Desk Set consists of a Magnifying Glass, a Pen, a Pencil and a Letter Opener. One was for his wife, one was for his daughter, and one was for his son.

I can take a piece of wood from the house you grew up in - maybe a shutter off the house, maybe a piece of window trim, or even a piece of a rafter from the basement - and use that piece of wood to create an Heirloom Pen for you.

I've also created Heirloom Pens using roses out of the garden or lilacs from the yard. I can dry those flowers, cast them into acrylic, and make you Heirloom Pens.

I've also used the wood from shrubs, and really any kind of wood or other material you can think of.

I've even used slivers of old credit cards with the person's name.

I've made Heirloom Pens using images cast from family pictures.

For veterans or families of veterans, I can make an Heirloom Pen from a dog tag, and I've created Heirloom Pens from 21 Gun Salute bullet casings.

Anything you can think of, I can use it to create an Heirloom Pen for you that will be a keepsake.

Heirloom Pens look great in a gift box with a brass plate engraved with the recipient's name.

Heirloom Pens are family treasures that will last forever.